Opinion: Time for the Middle Earth themed slots?

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Last updated: 16/02/2022

I’m pretty sure I’m not the first person to read about one important thing that has happened during the last couple of days. Of course, I’m also sure not everyone has heard about that same thing. What is this thing; you may wonder. Well, here is the thing!

The rights to make new films, shows and games based on the Tolkien universe, or The Lord of the Rings universe; are now for sale. The auction for said rights is expected to easily go over a whistleblowing amount of $; sorry if you are now disappointed for not being able to buy them; even if you are a crypto millionaire…

Anyone that likes the works of Tolkien surely knows that there aren’t really that many games or even digital options that feature this amazing, rich and huge world. I’ll, however, break a spear in favor of the LOTR Lego Games. They are based on the movies; but boy do the guys at Lego know how to make a family-friendly addictive game!

Us fans, will also have a new chance to see new stories about the Middle Earth soon enough. Internet giant Amazon had announced they would be airing a show localized at the Second Age, and the first trailer could be seen on the Superbowl Commercial time.

But getting back to the point; yes, we love getting new shows and movies; but, and this is a big but; what would happen if we got a few Lord of The Rings (being vage here, people know it best than Legendarium…). Would it be a big thing? Who knows, maybe I’m just planting the seed for the new buyers to get a collaboration idea…

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