BC.Game Promotions

Exploring all the Bonuses and Promotions offered at BC.Game

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Last updated: 09/08/2022

BC.Game Promotions

When it comes to bonuses and promotions, BC.Game has arguably the widest and most lucrative range among all crypto casinos. Whether it’s the easy-to-progress VIP pyramid or the daily wheel where you get some free crypto just by spinning the wheel, BC.Game has something for everyone.

It’s not easy for players to keep up with so many bonuses and that’s why we created this guide which will not just help you understand all the promotions & bonuses that exist at BC.GAME but how to maximize them as well.

Task Hub

There are daily and weekly tasks completing which you earn points and unlock treasures along the way. The daily tasks are reset every day while the weekly tasks are refreshed every week.

The amount you get from each treasure chest depends on your weekly wager and the biggest chest is unlocked when you earn a total of 700 points.

GOSU PRO TIP: Avoid chasing the tasks if you have not wagered much within a particular week since the rewards are solely dependent on your wager.

Lucky Wheel

Spinning the free lucky wheel every day is a good way to earn some free crypto and you may get lucky and land something significant. The amount of bonus depends on your VIP level, the higher your VIP level is, the bigger will be the bonus.

GOSU PRO TIP: Wagering increases your chances of winning more significant prizes.


For each dollar you wager at BC.Game, you accumulate a small amount in rakeback which can be claimed every 30 minutes. Below are the rakeback percentages for each VIP level:

VIP 14-21 – 5%
VIP 22-29 – 7%
VIP 30-37 – 10%
VIP 38+ – 15%

GOSU PRO TIP: When you’re about to wager, don’t forget to boost your rakeback which earns you additional 5% rakeback lasting for an hour and costs JB points which are awarded in abundance through VIP progression.


Based on your wager in the last 7 days, you get a recharge amount which can be claimed in the choice of your cryptocurrency and interval you prefer. You can claim every 10 mins, every hour, or daily. The best part about BC.Game’s recharge is that you can refresh the recharge yourself without the need of a host or support person.

GOSU PRO TIP: After you have claimed the last daily recharge, change the interval cycle to hourly to avoid losing recharge value.

Shit Codes

BC.Game often gives out shit codes via telegram or other social media that will give small amounts of free crypto. Stay active and you will be able to claim a few, although the competition is high and shit codes have a limited max number of claims.

BCD Unlock

BCD is BC.Game’s own currency and 1 BCD is equivalent to 1 USD and can be swapped via in-built exchange BCSWAP.

There’s a 300% deposit bonus up to $20,000. The bonus however is given in the form of locked BCD which is unlocked as you wager and can be claimed once you have unlocked at least 10 BCD. If you are someone who wagers a lot then unlocking BCD will be a lot of fun for you. Regardless of winning or losing, the locked BCD are unlocked every time you make a wager.

Formular: Unlock amount = wager amount * 1% * 20%

It means, that if you wager $100 you will unlock $0.2 BCD which may not sound like the greatest deal but when you factor in all the other bonuses, it’s quite a lucrative deal.

Weekly & Monthly Bonuses

BC.Game sends out a weekly bonus to all the players who have achieved VIP level 38 or higher and the bonus is roughly 0.9% of the total wager throughout the week. There’s also a monthly bonus which is sent between the 16th to 20th every month and is approximately 0.05% of the total wager since the last monthly bonus.


With so many bonuses you almost get back what you have lost, given you wagered smartly and picked low house-edge games. Don’t forget to use the GOSU TIPS shared above which will further boost your bonus amounts.

Along with the above, BC.Game hosts some incredible competitions like the recently concluded Big Bang wagering competition where a staggering $2 million were paid out to the winners. If you have not joined BC.GAME yet, you are missing a lot of fun and some juicy bonuses.

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