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Primedice: Jackpot – BTCGOSU

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Last updated: 22/02/2022

I’m a firm believer that anyone that visits this blog frequently enough is familiar with Stake. Hell, almost anyone that has been around the Bitcoin ecosystem for a few years must have at least heard of it.

But what many sometimes don’t know, is that before Stake, there was another site. A dice-only site; that is still up and running today. This “primitive” original site has a name also. Want to know it? You may have heard it and never associated with Stake. Primedice. That’s the name. That’s where it all started.

And what does this dice only have to offer, knowing that Stake already has a dice? Well, there is one big promotion that is always up and running. A Jackpot. A 113.65 BTC Jackpot to be more precise (although it varies). That’s some 3.8M USD on today’s Bitcoin price, which is lower than the last weeks.

How to claim this jackpot, you may wonder. It’s relatively easy: Roll 77.77 twice in a row, and depending on you bet size, you’ll get a % of said prize pool. Bets must be above 0.0001BTC to be elegible, and with a 0.01BTC bet, you’d get 100% of the prize. Feeling up for the challenge?

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