BC.Game Casino Promotions

A Breakdown of BC.Game’s Casino Promotions

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Last updated: 17/04/2022

BC.Game Casino Promotions

And we continue our streak of BC.Game articles analyzing different sections of this platform. We looked at this site’s sportsbook, VIP program, affiliate marketing system, and game selection. So, now, it is time to supply you with an in-depth analysis of all there is to know about the various promotions BC.Game is currently running.

BC.Game has been a hot topic of conversation as of late. That is so mainly due to the 3.0 launch of the platform in late March. Plus, a whale gambler winning over $100,000 at this crypto casino. The 3.0 version of BC.Game was a massive game-changer, particularly the introduction of the BCD currency. BCD is a brand new game token, which has a 1:1 USDT exchange rate. BC.Game now also allows a BC Swap option that lets users instantly exchange cryptocurrencies.

We got into the VIP program at BC.Game, but now, let us dive into all the regular bonuses you can claim here. Perhaps, we should have flipped the order of these articles, but it is what it is. Keep reading, joining us in the exploration of all the promotion BC.Game lists at the time of writing. We apologize for keep mentioning – “at the time of writing.” Yet, things are ever-changing and ever-evolving in the interactive gaming sphere. What is here today could be gone tomorrow.

The BC.Game Welcome Bonus

Who does not love a quality registration deal? That is a rhetorical question, as the answer is likely no one. According to many, it is the engine that has propelled the online gamblings sector into what it is today.

The BC.Game’s sign-up promo consists of a four-part deposit bonus that can provide a stunning total deposit match of 780%. Each section of this welcome package boasts three deposit options. The maximum deposit match for the first three times you fund your account produces max matches of 180%. But for the fourth time you place coins in your account, this depositing percentage can go up to 240% (for depositing over $3,000).

For example, if you place $30 or above in your casino balance when you join this site, you will get an 80% deposit match. If you deposit over $80, you will get provided with one of 100%. And placing anything over $400 will activate a 180% match on your first deposit. You will also get $720 extra in your balance if you put in over $400. Depositing above $80 will get you a complimentary $80. While funding your balance with over $30 in your account will get you $24 in gratis gaming funds.

The BC.Game welcome bonus is a super attractive promotion that everyone who is serious about playing here should snag in a heartbeat.

Unlocking BCD

We touched upon the BC Dollar (BCD) in the intro above. It recently went live, and it has an exchange ratio of 1 BCD = 1 USD. You can use this in-house cryptocurrency to play BC.Game’s gaming products, get tips, chat rain, coin drops, and more.

When you regularly play here, you will unlock BCD bonuses as time passes. The formula this platform uses to generate BCD is – wager amount 1% (20+5)%. The system here requires that you complete a wagering requirement of x400 on your deposit to claim your BCD. Hence you will unlock $1 BCD for every $400 bet. So far, countless BC.Game players have stated their disapproval of this turnover. Many have openly said they consider it super steep. However, think of it as free money. As you wager, your BCD treasure box fills up until it gets unlocked, which happens when you reach the minimum of 10 BCD. Then, it becomes claimable.

You can exchange BCD into other currencies via the BCSwap option, and you can enjoy up to a 10% annualized rate of return in the BCD Vault Pro. That is an exclusive bank that you can get an annual rate from your deposit in the Vault Pro.

You can unlock BCD via a Lucky Spin. That is a random spin of the wheel, and you can also check out how much you have attained so far through what method.

BC.Game Master Medals

The Master Medal system is a mechanism for you to get rewards for completing various milestones on this site. There are twenty medals in total and four rewards to claim. Getting five medals comes with a prize of 20 BC. Collecting ten medals yields 800 BCD. Fifteen medals combine 2,400 BCD, and twenty medals generate an award of 10,000 BCD. Note that it could take up to two days for a medal to get credited to your account.

BC.Game Master Medals

Below, we explain how to earn the twenty medals in this scheme and their associated perks:

Talking & Talking: You can attain this medal by using the chat room for at least three to seven days. Note that only one user per day can snag this medal.
Fearless: It gets awarded to users that have lost over 5 BTC in one day.
Local Tyrant: To claim this honor, you must deposit more than 10 BTC.
Highest Contribution: Wagering over $2 million and reaching level 9 on the BC.Game VIP scheme gets you this medal.
Highest Level: You earn this medal by reaching level 10.
Rainer: This medal gets given out when you receive chat rain at least 50 times
Coco Trainer: Hit Coco 200 times to get this title.
Invincible Lucky Dog: Land an x66,666 multiplier on Hash Dice, Limbo, or Crash to earn this nickname.
Faucet Master: Obtain this medal by claiming the faucet after reaching level 2.
I’M Biggest: Become the Biggest by winning the ROLL point game once by 1st rank.
Protagonist: Getting $100 worth of chat rain gets you this label.
Chicken Dinner: You will earn this medal by raking in over $10,000 in profits.
Loyal Player: You must make over ten million dollars in bets to become a super regular player here.
Call Me Richman: A Richman is a player with a total bet count of $1 million.
Veteran: Veterans are players that have been on this site for over a year.
Boss: Bosses are those who have tipped over fifty different people in the BC.Game chat room.
DOGE Top 1: Reach the number one ranking concerning DOGE profits to earn this honor.
BTC Top 1: Reach the number one ranking concerning BTC profits to earn this honor.
EOS Top 1: Reach the number one ranking concerning EOS profits to earn this honor.
ETH Top 1: Reach the number one ranking concerning ETH profits to earn this honor.

Other Promos at BC.Game

Rakeback is available here (up to 20%) once you reach VIP level 14. The percentage involved depends on your VIP tier. The higher it is, the more of your losses you get back here.

The Where Is Coco Bonus is a mainstay at BC.Game. It requires that you hit VIP level 14 or over before you can click on Coco and claim a prize. The fun-loving crocodile appears randomly on the site every six hours for approximately ten minutes. He brings rewards of at least 0.005 BCD.

Players above VIP level 3 can participate in roll point games every day. Each one has a different reward. You can also partake in completing weekly tasks on this platform, accumulating rewards in BCD. These include wagering over a specific amount per week and inviting other players onto the platform. There are daily tasks, but these are pretty basic and supply low amounts.

We sort of explained the Lucky Spin bonus above, which is a Wheel of Fortune-like contest. It features three prize brackets, with its first one open to everyone, boasting a prize of 1 BTC. The second is the Super Spin, which only gamblers who have reached level 22 or above can participate in, hoping to snag a prize of 3 BTC. The Mega Spin has a reward of 5 BTC, and only 70-level VIPs can enjoy this spin of the wheel of luck.

Identically to Where Is Coco, chat rain is available for VIPs above level 4 in six-hour intervals. BC.Game’s rain algorithm picks and rewards six random players every six hours.

Shitcodes and Shitlinks are a big thing here. These are promo ciphers designed to give the site’s loyal players an extra boost so that they enjoy everything that this world-class casino has to offer. A few places where you can get your hands on some Shitcodes are the platform’s social media pages, from affiliates, other players in the group chat, etc. Remember that attempting to collect these ciphers via multiple accounts is a bannable offense.

BC.Game Promotions

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